How to Go About Dating Jewish Online for Free

Should you look for your ideal partner via online dating?
That question goes over and over again between a group of friends thinking about the wonders of the Internet in relation to their love lives. Cautious individuals might not be interested in online dating. Finding your mate is not easy. However you can’t ignore the fact that there are those who met their partners through online dating and ended up getting married, some happily while some not.

You’ve got nothing to lose in case you try online dating. You can set a simple profile and see what might just happen. At least you don’t have to get dressed and all that stuff when you go out on an ordinary date, or is it really that ordinary?

Just sit in front of your computer and……there you have it, you can choose from several sites on the internet. Remember to be always cautious. Then be yourself and have fun.

Jewish dating sites have their good and bad sites. Some end with getting married while others end up with a broken heart. Why not try a good strategy in dating a yenta online.

1. Great expectations can ruin a good date. Make use of the ‘wait-and-see’ approach. Decrease some of your expectations and just simply enjoy the moment. Don’t be immediately discouraged in case you’ve had previous undesirable experiences.

2. Expand your social and professional network. More people mean more date opportunities. Don’t expect love to enter the scene so soon. You can always meet new friends. As professionals, your varied interests can open networking opportunities.

3. Maximize the use of the chat room. You’re sure to strike new friendships. This is preferred by people who are always on the go; just a couple of minutes and random stops on Jewish online dating sites can prove to be a success.

Of course you can’t possibly enter into a relationship without being friends first. Being friends can test your compatibility. Don’t give up easily just because the other person does not feel the way you do. Meeting new friends from different Jewish dating sites provides unending love opportunities for you.

4. Being a negative thinker will not do you any good. Always think positive. Positive dating attitude gives positive results. Be open-minded and invest a little time to get to know other people.

People involved in dating are the result of chemistry and compatibility. In an instant you probably feel electricity flowing through your body and you finally realize that you really want to spend time with your Jewish date.

How do you go about a Jewish date? Dinner by candlelight sounds good, with soft music playing. This might just be the perfect date ever. But dating a Jewish person is different. You have different religions and beliefs.

Jews are said to be stereotyped individuals, tedious, some can be boring and straight. But this does not mean that they have no sense of adventure and excitement when dating.

The Jewish people believe that love is a feeling of deep appreciation of an individual’s goodness. A lot of Jews do go for online dating. It doesn’t really matter if they have a different religion. Times have changed.

If you want difference and diversity, go online dating with Jewish people.

Here are helpful tips in finding the perfect Jewish date:

1. Look for Jews who you find like-minded. There is a good chance that you can find them in the internet. Search through Jewish dating sites.

2. You might ask yourself, ‘what is my purpose?’… Make it clear to everyone on what you want in a relationship; it can be a short term relationship or even a long term relationship. This way, heartaches can be prevented in the future.

3. Body language speaks a lot. You should be confident enough to face your Jew date, just try believing in yourself. Once you carry yourself well, this can give a good and lasting impression.

4. Online dating can be so much fun. One thing, don’t be such a bore. Find certain topic that is of interest for both of you, and not you alone. Don’t be insensitive. Give importance as to what the other person feels. Try to establish a dialogue with your date, in this manner, thoughts and ideas are free-flowing.

5. Better to wind up soon just in case you’re running out of words, don’t leave your date hanging on. Be a perfect gentleman or woman for that matter.

But the main reason that you are on a Jewish dating site could very well be that you yourself is Jewish, some men or women though who have dated Jewish partners may have liked what they saw and are looking for another one, what ever the reasons may be, just make sure that you don’t offend each other’s beliefs.

The experience of having a good date can be cherished for a lifetime. Dating is one way in getting to know each other. And this might just be the beginning of a lasting relationship.

Dating Personals! Find Out How To Write A Knockout Personal Ad

Dating Personals! Find Out How To Write A Knockout Personal Ad

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If you’re about to leap into dating personals and don’t know how to begin to write that knockout dating personal ad, then read further on for some simple steps that will help develop a strategy to create a dating profile that works. Keep in mind this information is based on my personal opinions, and are not taken from any professional dating avenues, so I suggest you read at your own risk!

At this point you did your homework and found some really good dating sites that you feel will meet most, if not all, your dating needs. Now you’re sitting at your computer desk with your word program open staring off into space, trying to figure out a way to express whom you are as a person.

Are you the type of individual that can easily write a job resume, but when it comes to providing delicate information about yourself, you end up playing the game, find the polar bear in a white snowstorm on your blank piece of paper or computer screen? Well don’t worry, because you’re in the same boat with millions of other people out there with the same problem!

It’s not easy to whip up a profile about yourself, because you are your biggest critic. If you had some bad experiences with dating in the past, or you may have had very little practice in the so-called date community, this could be a reason you will have a hard time trying to get the right message out to the other online singles, which will be seeking you out for any future potential relationship.

Dating Profiles Should Be Written With A Resume Approach!

Whether you’re writing for a work resume or a free personals dating ad, one thing that’s commonly required is a clear detailed approach. Now depending how serious you are about meeting someone online is up to you, and that will be reflected in the end result of your personals profile.

Step # 1: Talk to your closest friends and family, and ask them to comment on your personality, and tell why you want this information so they don’t lie to you. Their perception of you is extremely valuable information, because they know you the best! It may be a true eye opener on what other people may think about you, and how they actually perceive you as a person. You may think that you’re the coolest cat on the planet, later to find out that you have personal flaws that put you in the ranks of a sloppy dog.

You need this feedback, because if you were dating in the past and have not picked up on any of your weaknesses by now, then all you’re going to do is get more frustrated with yourself as the limited responses come in from your ad.

Step # 2: Now that you received your incredibly honest feedback from your best friends and family and wondered why they enjoyed the process immensely, you now realize that you actually don’t look like Brad Pitt, or Pamela Anderson, and that sticking a bratwurst up your nose on a first date is not allowed, you are now ready to take this wonderfully critical information and start writing your profile message.

The Singles Version Of: Who, What, Where, When, Why!

Step # 3: If you’re having difficulty putting all your personal information in your singles profile, follow the standard format that many Marketing companies use for their advertising campaigns. Remember that writing dating ads is very similar to marketing ads. You want to get your message across to someone that is interested in your qualities and personal attributes, which is very similar to an advertisement targeting certain demographics to sell their product. Does that make sense? Ok, let’s continue then!

a. “Who” are you as a person? Don’t BS here, make sure you tell it like it is, even if your mother branded you as the crazy black sheep out of all the siblings! Deep down this is where you will start to find your true compatibility with others online, because if you like to eat French Toast and bacon for dinner, and hotdogs for breakfast, you may be
surprised that there are hundreds of others that enjoy to do the same. You see where I’m going with this? It’s not how you look, how smart you are, or how many reps you can do at the gym. It’s common interest, and sometimes people who find things that are in common with others means more to them than anything else.

b. “What” are you looking for in an online match? Again, tell it like it is! Do you want to meet someone for long walks on the beach, and romantic dinners by candlelight, or would you rather find someone that enjoys eating spicy nachos and watching re-runs of Gilligan’s Island. Believe it or not, there are people that enjoy this! The bottom line is express in your ad what you are looking for in a person that is most compatible to your lifestyle. So if you’re not into horseback riding naked, then don’t put that in your profile, just so you can try and impress the other person. It doesn’t work that way in the matchmaking process.

c. “Where” would you like to find and meet someone for a potential date? If you want to only have select meetings with singles in your community, or surrounding area, make sure to mention this, and be clear and to the point. More than likely if you neglect to put this fact in your dating place of choice, you may get responses from all over the world, and unless you happen to be traveling outside of America to countries like Australia, China, or Brazil, then it’s crucial that you’re specific on how far you’re willing to travel to meet someone. Give them a miles radius, and this will definitely narrow down your selection.

d. “When” are you available once a match is confirmed? I’m not sure if you will agree with me or not on this subject. I find that if you’re going to the length of finding compatible singles on relationship sites that specialize in matchmaking, chances are they’re going to eventually find you a match, so make sure you’re prepared to go on your date, and that you have the available quality time to do so.

In this part of your personal profile, express that you have put special time aside in your hectic schedule to spend some valuable dating time with that select individual. Nothing is worse than finally making that ultimate match, to find out that you’re schedule is booked solid. Don’t worry, your mother doesn’t need your help finding that missing sock in the
dryer anymore, so take that off your list and free up one day.

e. “Why” are you using a service online over conventional dating avenues? This is a very touchy subject to put in your profile match description, and could be left out if you feel it is not necessary, or anybody’s business. However, even though most single individuals know why they’re on the dating site and don’t feel they need to express their reasons, they seem to be extremely curious of why the other person is on the matchmaking site. In this case, it’s to your advantage to be honest and communicate why you’re using the services.

Of course, you’re going to read things like: I’m tired of head games, or I don’t have the time, because I deliver papers in the morning, run a fast food restaurant during the day, and race gerbils at night! Hello, again tell the truth! Write in your profile relationship box that you have already dated in the community, and you want to meet more compatible
people in your area. Tell them you haven’t found the right one yet, and explain to them that friendship is all that you have found so far, and you’re looking for more in a relationship, and that is why you’re searching on the Internet!

The last bit of online dating advice I would like to provide to you is that you really have to express you true self without sounding desperate. Many of the singles online will easily pick this up if you submit comments like, I date anybody that has a heartbeat, or I’m not picky!

Everybody is looking for the right one that has the most compatible features, so before you start writing that knockout personal profile, and you’re serious about finding someone for a long-term romance or possible marriage, remember it’s not always about looks, money, or how intelligent you are, it may be as simple as telling someone that you really enjoy spending quality time with your partner on the comfy couch, with a bowl of popcorn watching a marathon of sappy movies together.

Meet singles… Through online dating

Meet singles… Through online dating

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Are you looking for the perfect online date? Are you interested to meet singles and give online dating a try? Don’t worry because you are not the only one who wants to try this. It is very popular nowadays and more people are into it. Many people say that online dating and being able to meet singles from different parts of the world is a great experience you should not miss.

If your goal is to find a date online, then, you should know the distinction between a dating services site and a personal site. Those dating services sites are greatly involved in offering personal matches, online chats, and online friends that you may be interested in meeting with.

However, personal sites are usually inclined with attracting people who are simply looking for detached and non-binding affairs. If you notice that the site is more on doing services such as dating matches, online dating matches, personal dating and matchmaking then you are sure that they are focused more on finding you the best possible matches for you.

There are two kinds of online dating sites that you will find; the free and the non-free dating sites. The free sites are of course, more practical and more convenient to those who do not want to spend money on getting an online date. However, the services might be limited and the membership may not last for a long time. These free online sites are basically not very popular because they do not have money for advertising and promotion so you might expect them to give limited services.

On the other hand, there are free online sites which are very popular because of its huge database and are known for their good matchmaking services. Some of these sites are,, and many others. You can choose from a great variety of profile styles and ways to improve and optimize your own personal profile. There are sites which ask for a compensation fee as a payment for the dating services they offer.

Sometimes the members’ profiles are only limited to their registered members so you cannot browse other online daters’ profiles until you become a bona fide member. Before you sign up for a certain online dating site, make sure that you like all the services they offer and that you agree with all their terms and policies.

Reading the guidelines is very important that is why you should make sure that you understand all the measures indicated. Keep in mind that your money is at risk that is why you should be aware of the way things will work out. Once you have chosen the best online dating site that appeals to you the most, the next step will be to avail of the services you paid for. You may be given privacy online features such as encrypted login as well as private emails that will make you feel secured and safe from persons who are trying to contact you.

You will also be asked to make your very own personal profile which you can edit from time to time. Updating your personal profile is letting people know that you are very interesting person who experience and accepts changes in any aspect of life and this will be a way of letting other members know that you are keeping in touch. If you want more people to get attracted to you, be yourself and flash that best smile.

Upload your best photo and get ready to answer private messages from other members. Sooner or later, you will have greater chances of finding the lady or man of your dreams. And you will thank the online industry for it. Meeting singles and online dating is a new way of leveling your chances of meeting your future partner. More and more people are doing it so why would you have to waste so much time dating someone personally without knowing him or her in the first place?

Online dating is the solution to those people who are very busy with their work that they do not have time going to music bars and cafés to meet people. Moreover, it is a smart and safe way of getting to know a person before actually meeting him or her for a personal date. Plus, it will be a large place where future couples meet, lovers bind and singles get their partners in life.

Online Dating Tips! Finding A Date Online Is All About Your Approach

Online Dating Tips! Finding A Date Online Is All About Your Approach

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Singles all over the world are looking for other avenues to find love, and with our online dating tips, you will be one step closer to meeting your future partner and possible soul mate!

My dating tips are not rocket science, and I will not offer you 100 ways to meet your mate. The advice that I will be offering you is simple and common sense tips that many singles should already know, or after reading this article, should understand what it takes to meet someone special online.

We already know that love is complex, and is based on many physical and emotional attributes. When you start getting involved in online matchmaking and sites that offer relationships services, you have to realize that there are certain elements that are not present while you’re dating online.

One major element that is not available as you start to search for your match is the physical contact, and I’m not talking about sexual contact, I’m thinking more on the line of eye contact, innocent touching, and also character influence. If you’re wondering what I mean about character influence, I will explain this further to you.

Attracting The Opposite Sex Is All About Your Unique Character Influences!

How many times have you met someone that you were interested in and later started to have feelings due to their unique character traits. This is common, and for many people that are currently in successful relationships will agree with me that the person they fell in love with have certain character influences.

To expand on this, the individuals that you have dated in the past may have had that certain look in their eye, unique laugh, or humorous they had that personality that really set them a part from everyone else you have met in the past. This is what I mean about attracting to a particular “Character”.

When you’re corresponding via online chat, sending personal emails, or making decision on the posted photo’s, you don’t experience the same personal interaction on the Internet communicating with someone miles away from you? So you may be asking me how do you incorporate those types of feelings that are normally intimate in a face-to-face date?

If it becomes more difficult for you to show emotion through typing your thoughts, you have to start getting a little more creative, and become more prepared to put yourself out there, and realize you will be venturing into a new world of dating.

Online Sites That Claim To Be The Matchmaker Are Wrong! You’re The Matchmakers

Online personals and matching sites may sometime claim they’re the ones that do all the matchmaking, but in reality they only provide the tools for the true matchmaker, and that would be you! How you use the tools will be the key to your success in finding a quality match, and hopefully establishing many future online dates.

Sites such as AmericanSingles in the US, and the popular AllAboutSingles out of the UK provide you extensive dating and matching tools to assist you in finding compatible matches, but if you don’t use them to your full advantage, then the tools are basically useless.

The ultimate dating questions you want to ask yourself before proceeding, is what do you want to achieve when you finally establish an online relationship? If your answer is finding a long-lasting partner, then you have to go in with true intentions, and just like a live date, you have to throw your best attributes on the table and let the other person know what you have to offer them is unique over everyone else out there.

How do you do this you ask? Simple, you have to look within yourself and find all the unique character influences that we talked about earlier and then you have to find a way to express them online. This may be very difficult at first, but once you figure them out, you can really go to work to make your profile knock the socks off your future match.

Your next question may be how do I express my true character through the chat, emails, and photos? The answer to this question is that you have to express yourself in a way that is your true character and personality. If you’re shy, then you should take your profile in that direction, and if you happen to be very outgoing and sexual, possibly that’s the angle you want to work with.

In your emails and chat, try to get the other person to ask you as many questions as possible, only answering the question asked with very little detail, so you don’t wind up telling the person everything in one session. Give them bits and pieces a little at a time to build up their curiosity, and have them coming back to you for more information.

As they soon pick up your unique personal character, the attraction will start to build online to the point that your future interest may soon be putty in your hands, and if you happen to get together for your first date, they will already know the true person they met online, and that’s half the battle when meeting someone through dating services.

Discover Dating Singles Online

Discover Dating Singles Online

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If you are thinking about dating singles online, you are one of many. This is a great way for people who are busy or can’t get out to meet singles for other reasons to interact with others who are looking for a relationship.

Get to Know the Guidelines

If you haven’t dated online before, you should get to know some of the tips and guidelines that are generally held. While online dating has similarities to dating in person, there are also some big differences. Not only should you have an idea of online dating etiquette so you don’t offend someone, you should also be able to tell when you should or shouldn’t be offended by someone else’s behavior.

A good example of this when you are dating singles online is that it is not only acceptable to talk to many different potential dates at once, but it is encouraged. The whole point of being online is to meet a bunch of people and talk to them. Don’t be afraid to be in contact with a bunch of people.

But generally once you have begun actually dating someone, you need to put your account on hold. You don’t have to do this your first or second date, but once you decide to pursue a relationship with someone, freeze your account out of respect for them and others who don’t want to date someone who may already be involved.

Understand What’s Good to Say and What Isn’t

When you are dating singles online, you need to learn about how to talk to them. One major issue is using abbreviations. People have been shown to have a poor response to messages that exchange ‘u’ for “you,” or ‘ur’ for “your/you’re.” Any shortening of words like those is not attractive, and neither is leaving out capitalization or punctuation such as apostrophes.

Think about it, when you are communicating with someone online, they have very little to go on when it comes to figuring out who you are. Your picture and profile give them some idea, but it is your words and how you use them that really show your colors to other people.

Also, when you are dating singles online, don’t use terms that sound like pick-up lines. Guys in particular should avoid referring to a woman as “beautiful or sexy.” While the guy might think this is a compliment, if used too early a woman might think the guy is only after one thing, and this usually turns women off.

Be Honest!

There are few pieces of advice more important than this. Trying to be someone you aren’t can take many forms, such as having an old picture up, leaving things off your profile that are a big part of who you are, or putting things on your profile that aren’t true.

More people complain of dishonesty in online dating than anything else.

Dating singles online can be very rewarding, and you just may find the perfect someone. By getting acquainted with the guidelines and etiquette you will impress people, and by being true to yourself you will enjoy your experience a lot more.

Online Dating Advice For Men The Online Personal Ad

Online Dating Advice For Men The Online Personal Ad

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Do you think that online dating is only for nerds or misfits? Think again. It’s estimated that over 8 million women visit online dating sites every month looking for their perfect match. That comes out to an average of 267,000 women every day.

The internet is changing many aspects of the past as we know it and one of those is dating. Online dating services have become the latest and greatest craze, with both men and women rushing to the web to find their “matches” or read their admirer’s emails via an internet connection rather than communicating in the old fashioned upfront and personal way.

Online sources like eHarmony and Lavalife boast that they “match up” happy couples so successfully that many of them promise a match within six months of joining their services. The following online dating advice for men will start from the beginning. . .how to create your first online personal ad.

The first concept you need to grasp in creating your personal ad is that you will have a lot of competition. So you need to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. You want to be unique and as specific as possible. Also, if you can establish a sense of urgency, that’s an extra added touch. This means conveying a message that you will not be around waiting forever.

Think of your personal ad as a sales page. . .for yourself. So, you’ll have a headline, your personal profile and a close which guarantees the “sale”.

Start with the headline. This is the most important part so make it good. Studies have shown you have three seconds to capture the attention of whoever is reading your headline. A great way to do this is to ask a question. . .something that gets the reader to think.

The next step is your profile. This is where many men need this online dating advice for men because they get this part wrong. In the profile, you will write about what you do and don’t like, your activities, etc. Anyone can say that they like reading, traveling, swimming, etc. Instead, write in detail about one of your favorite places or a place that you are planning to visit in the near future. This stimulates your next date’s senses.

In the close of your profile, let your readers know that you will be off again soon (mabye to one of those interesting places you mentioned in your profile).

Here are a couple of general points to keep in mind when preparing your profile. Make sure it is grammatically correct. If it isn’t, you will appear either stupid or lazy. Next, only three out of every 10 men who post a personal ad on a dating site get a response. This is because most men’s ads are boring, repetitive or filled with errors.

Hopefully you will take heed to the online dating advice for men above when creating your first personal ad.

Choose Online Dating Service and Meet Your Match

Choose Online Dating Service and Meet Your Match
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Online dating also referred to as Internet dating is a dating system letting individuals, couples and other groups meet online giving a possibility for developing romantic, social or even sexual relationships.
The services are allowing people to provide personal information such as age, gender, location to begin searching for their real match. Members can upload their pictures and browse the pictures of others.

Several sites also give additional services including online chats, webcasts and message boards. These sites are broad based having members coming from different background varieties searching for different kinds of relationship. Some sites are more specific emphasizing certain section based on the type of members, locations, and interests or desired relationship.

Several websites are providing their services for online dating. People can post their personal ads and read reviews on different internet dating sites. You can browse selections of great articles about dating experiences, internet dating disadvantages and advantages, dating tips, relationship advice and other related topics.

Well, people can try some for the popular services offered by various websites.

eHarmony grows in popularity because their achievement lies on giving caring attentions, innovations on online services provided to members and helping people really find their soulmates. This is an alternative site wherein single people can stay unknown until the time they feel safe and prepared to make an honest approach. People can enjoy free personal ads, read profiles, exchange email and messaging, post personal photos, view pictures, take a personality quiz, flirt, participate in events, and make instant connections.

Perfectmatch is an online service intended for adults above eighteen years old who wanted to meet other individuals compatible to them and looking for long term relationships. They have people with expertise on relationships able to create a system testing for people’s compatibility with another person determining their real ideals, values, life, love style, dual analysis and deal breakers.

Great Expectations is suited for people who are looking for a special someone or a new friend. This is a dynamic community having a broad range of members. They make it easier and more fun for people to meet others. They have incorporated the premier matching technology and the ability to make online whisper.

Lovelife is giving people the opportunity for free browsing or searching of their large database with different personal ads worldwide. They have areas where in people can explore whether they are looking for a date, relationship or intimate encounters.

Asian Singles is an ideal entertaining cyber place for Asian people. They can enjoy and have fun viewing different profiles and finding the best candidate that match their personality type before getting in touch with them. Some of its features include anonymous and private emails and matchmaker questionnaires.

Match is one of the leading online dating services with over millions of profiles to select from. They are also using powerful searching and matching capabilities enabling you to redefine your match.

Date is a popular destination of single people looking for their perfect match. You can create your profiles and can browse plenty of personal photos and read what other singles are looking for.

You can also avail some of the free online services provided by other websites however it is always advised to carefully read the terms and conditions for safety purposes before finding your perfect match.

The Best Dates Are Online

The Best Dates Are Online

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Blind dates never or seldom works. The club isn’t thriving with a healthy dose of good-looking, guys and gals. A friend’s friend was a major turn-off. Well, you just might want to check out online dating—the hottest, and probably one of the best ways to meet people, check out potential lovers, and build relationships, minus all the hassles of traditional dating.

Say goodbye to dressing up and looking presentable. You can check out a potential date in your PJs or worn-out jeans. No need for special invitations to parties or night gimmicks. It’s easy to access. From its growing number of subscribers and users, one can choose from many “singles” in just one site.

It beats the people you meet in all the bars and cafes and night spots you normally go to. What’s more, there’s no worry about being turned down by some uninterested guy or girl. In online dating, you’re all looking, available, and interested.

The best online dating sites offer you broad and extensive services – from searchable profiles to matchmaking and compatibility tests to chatting. Personal ads allow the member to enter his profile and search other users’ profiles. They also do the matchmaking for you, based on your preferences and standards. The results are emailed back and you have the freedom to choose the person you would like to contact. Chat rooms and forums provide a venue for the members to interact with each other.

Here are six of the best online dating sites you can check out on a lonely Friday night.

Match.Com. Known for their “winks”, it is the biggest network of online dating. Members can check out profiles of other users and send “winks” to signify interest. For those looking for compatibility, this is the perfect site to go to. Whether you’re looking for a one-time affair or a long-term relationship, YahooPersonals finds you a compatible partner based on individual choice and quality matches. If you’re ready to settle down, or just the type with high standards, eHarmony solves the problem for you by giving you a thoroughly screened match. Complete their Personality Profile and get feedback on yourself and on how you connect with others. Think: they’re screening your future partner for you. Still wary of online dating? Worry no more. offers a foray into the world of online dating. They offer background checks for criminal records and marital relationships, and boosts of a compatibility profile that measures important relationship factors. Imagine yourself personalizing your date. Choose a match based on their looks, hobbies, location, age, interests, religion, and even, income here in

America’s Internet Dating allows its members to join in any of its three unique dating environments. There’s a choice for those looking for casual dates and encounters, for those looking for serious relationships, and for those wanting to get intimate.

Some of the best online dating sites even allow voice greetings for some of that personal touch.

Users cannot just only access your photos; they can also hear your sultry, bedroom voice. There’s also instant messaging service for those who can’t wait for an email response. There are also advanced search tools that allow you to check out potential dates in a specific area or do the matchmaking for you.

The trick? Know why you need a date for. Are you looking for a good time? Or are you searching for the “love of your life”? With the myriad of online dating sites, there’s definitely something out there which best fits your need.

5 Reasons Not to Read Online Dating Advice

5 Reasons Not to Read Online Dating Advice

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What a strange title for an article, I write online dating advice so why would I encourage people not to read it?

Clearly I believe there is some good dating advice on the internet or I wouldn’t waste my time writing dating advice and tips but I want people to think about what they are reading and who the author is before they take anything they read as gospel.

Here are 5 things to carefully consider before you take the advice of dating “experts”.

1. Everything written is an opinion from someone with a given history. Just google “article writing+fee” and see how many people in countries like India offer to write articles for website owners for a fee. India is simply one example but life there is somewhat different on the dating scene and their knowledge may well come from watching re-runs of Baywatch and Dallas. Check who is writing the website content, do their articles all sound as though they are written by the same person, are they writing from a personal perspective and if so what is their dating history?

2. The words “expert” and “guru” are over-used and I rarely read advice from anyone calling themselves either. What qualifies someone as an expert at dating? If they have been constantly dating for 30 years then they either have commitment issues or are very bad at dating. Just take Dr Phil, would I read his advice on how to have a long and happy marriage? Absolutely but would I read his advice on dating in your 40’s in 2008? What does he really know about the current dating scene, he isn’t dating.

3. Dating advice that includes comments like “I can make you attractive to men/women even if you are fat and ugly”. Would you go into a clothes shop and accept advice from a shop assistant that called you fat and ugly? I doubt it, so why would you accept being insulted simply because it’s online. False promises of making you attractive to the opposite sex rely on your lack of confidence in order to get you to buy their book or video or whatever they are selling. Take advice from people that respect who you are and aren’t desperately trying to sell you something.

4. Beware of the bitter and twisted. Blogging is a platform for many types of people but that includes those that simply want to rant about their bad experiences. There are many dating blogs that simply catalogue a serious of disastrous dates, call men names and generalise about the opposite sex, particularly written by women in their 40’s but I have yet to read one that stops and asks herself if perhaps she is the problem. Avoid these blogs, they usually have no real constructive advice to offer.

5. The ones that state “I am the same as you so my advice is best for you”. Don’t just read advice from people of the same age, gender and situation, much can be learned from reading the thoughts of the opposite sex and older people that have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. If you are recently divorced then don’t read advice by someone who is also recently divorced and trying to date again, find a writer that has been divorced, began dating again and is now in a long term relationship they have the experience you want to hear about.

Online Dating Software—Playing like an Automated Cupid in an Autopilot Mode

Online Dating Software—Playing like an Automated Cupid in an Autopilot Mode

Source: Flickr

There is always a perfect match for different things. Coffee and creamer is always a perfect match. Peanut butter and jelly is another perfect match. Red wine and meat has always complimented each other.

Husband and wife is also a perfect match. However, it is of a completely different subject compared to the previously-mentioned “perfect matches”. Since birth, you are aware that the coffee and creamer are always together. The same thing also applies with black and white, which is said to be the “grandparents of all the existing colors nowadays”. The political arena of the United States is not complete without the Republicans battling it out against the Democrats.

Matching two individuals is not an in-born phenomenon. It is an activity that should be executed properly, whether you are the matchmaker or you are among the individuals who will be matched to others. Matching two individuals possessing unique characteristics (worse, if it’s entirely the opposite of the other) is not as easy as you think. You need to undergo a long and painstaking process as well as experience failures in the attempt to find the ideal combination.

You will assess the qualities of an individual, let us say, a friend of yours looking for an ideal mate. Afterwards, you will sort out your own list of friends who are also looking for their ideal mates. Although you have a lot of options, but the possibility of ending up with that perfect match is still uncertain. You will end up undergoing “trial and error matches”, repeating the process all over again.

Fortunately, with the advent as well as the availability of Internet, the whole matchmaking process will now be a complete turn-around. You do not need to look for the rightful candidates on different places and study their characteristics and personalities—you will just use your keyboard and mouse, plus that online dating software installed in your computer, and you are now off to work and find that ideal match within a short period of time.

Online dating software for your matchmaking activities has been developed by computer wizards and has included the possible variables that you will need. However, even the process is now easier and more convenient than the traditional one, the design and programming of such software does not take the element of surprise and fun of matching two unknown individuals. As a matter of fact, the process is much more exciting using the software.

There are variety of online dating software packages available, which ranges from packages with simple features like online chats and personal profile creation up to more elaborate options. Installation as well as downloading it into your computer is also easy to perform, thus making it a user-friendly tool. You will no longer experience the hassle of using other programs to completely use the software.

Furthermore, online dating software packages are designed to cater the needs of all spectrums of culture and society. Packages’ features include speed dating which is very popular in the members of the young generation. Aside from picking the perfect match, the software has also the capability of determining the best potential venue for their first date, the best possible gift, and other variables on dating.

Just imagine you are doing all of these things in an autopilot mode—flowing smoothly with less chances of bumping into a dead end and starting all over again. It works like a magic, yet it is happening in reality.

In case you are already a wizard on the small-scale matchmaking activities, you have always the option of upgrading your system into an exciting online dating site where you can use the software for such purpose. You will just need to have the basic knowledge of using advanced versions of online dating software for your site. There is always technical support for you in case there is any problem anytime of the day. You can offer your matchmaking services either for free or you may start your home-based business with your online dating software.

Tired of the same old thing? Use online dating software and start matching individuals, just like the god of love Cupid—and do it in an autopilot mode.