Online Dating Success Stories

Online Dating Success Stories

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Dating can be terrifying for anyone: meeting new people, putting one’s heart (and ego!)
on the line, investing time and energy into relationships you’re not even sure will work out. But it is especially difficult for those who have been hurt before.

“My ex-husband cheated on me several times before we finally got divorced,” recalls Emma, 28. “I was so afraid to trust someone again.” Through online dating, she was able to get to know men at a much slower, more comfortable pace. “We’d exchange emails, call each other, until I was personally ready to meet them face to face,” she said. “I didn’t feel rushed to make a decision. I had full control every step of the way.” It took her 3 months before she agreed to have lunch with Steve. They’ve been together for 2 years, and they’re already talking about getting married.

Cecille, 25, had never been comfortable about the traditional dating scene. She’s always been shy, and the whole routine of hanging out in the bar and waiting for someone to buy her drinks was never her thing. “Besides, I’m the kind of girl that prefers reading a book in a quiet coffee shop,” she said. Online dating allowed her to meet people in a way that suited her personality—at her laptop, while sipping a cappuccino—and she worded her profile so she’d meet the guys who shared her love for reading. In fact, when she read Ben (her current boyfriend)’s email, the first thing that caught her attention was that they liked the same authors. “You don’t get that kind of ‘precision matchmaking’ in a bar,” she laughs.

Greg, 35, enjoys online dating because it puts him on a level playing field. “You really get to know people for who they are,” he said. He feels in traditional dating the first few dates focus too much on impressing each other, saying the right things, wearing the right clothes. But when you email and chat, what you pay attention to is the person’s attitude and personality. “You don’t have to wait until the fourth or fifth date to discover if you think alike,” he said.

On the other hand, Tori, 32, chose online dating because she wanted a little adventure in her life. “I live in a small town where you’ve known everyone since you were a little girl. It’s hard to meet anyone new, and if you go on a date, it’s big gossip the next day.” While she’s not ready for anything serious, she’s enjoying talking to different kinds of people from all around the world. “One of the men I really clicked with lives in Spain!” she said. “He’s so different from anyone I’ve ever known, but at the same time, he understands me more than even my family does!” She’s planning to take a month off from work to visit him.

When Dating Gets… Easy!

When Dating Gets… Easy!

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Tired of the same old game? Of blind dates arriving late? Of going out with a friend’s friend whose got bad breath? If you’re single and looking for more excitement in your love life than the usual coffee-on-a-Friday-night date, here’s something that just might add spice to your usual dating scene.

With just a few clicks, you can meet new people, enjoy an interesting conversation, and probably, snag a boyfriend or girlfriend or a special someone for yourself. That’s what Online Dating offers you, and they can offer more.

Online Dating is the hottest thing for those on the look-out for boyfriends, girlfriends, special someones or simply, anyone who’d like a good time. Check out a few of these recommended, if not best, online dating agencies – for the single, the divorcee, the party-freak, the couch potato, or anyone who wants a good time.

The partnership between and FriendFinder, a subscription-based personal ads network forms the largest online dating agency in the virtual world. has an extensive database of singles on the net, allowing visitors a chance to find the one they’re looking for. Through FriendFinder, one gets to meet up new friends, pen pals, and even old friends. Made popular by talk shows and reality TV shows, is fun, free and easy to use. It is even made more personalized, allowing you to choose from many dating options depending on your dating style. Your virtual matchmaker, finds compatible partners for you through their compatibility-based matching system. So, if you’re looking for someone whom you can connect with on a deeper level, then this matchmaking site may be just for you. Gaining popular interest and use with its growing membership of 50,000 singles weekly, provides an interesting choice of dates for all singles, of all professions, and of all backgrounds. A melting-pot of different backgrounds and interests, this is the site to visit if you’re into light talks, stimulating conversations, or groovy exchanges. The site offers singles the in-depth and interesting profiles of its members, as well as matchmaking possibilities from specific communities and lifestyles. Its dating service was hailed by Forbes Magazine as one of the “Best of the Web.” It’s easy to get started, fun and offers a variety of search tools to help you search for profiles.

There are other sites and online dating agencies you can choose from, providing a wide range of matchmaking possibilities such as a 30-day trial, compatibility tests and personality profiling so you get matched based on your interests and dating needs and requirements. Some of these sites you can check out are:, Lavalife,, MetroDate, American Singles and Cupid Junction. These sites offer fun dates, romance and intimate encounters any single would like to have on a lonely Friday night.

There are even sites that offer matchmaking and dating services for a particular group, sector, or culture. There are online dating agencies for Asian and African singles. For all single Christians who want some stimulating company, there’s Jewish singles can find their match in JDate, a Jewish online dating agency that makes Jewish dating easier and culturally appealing.

With online dating, your Friday and weekend nights will never be again be boring. All you have to do is sign up in any of these online dating agencies or you can even sign up on numerous agencies and create your profile. In no time at all, you’ll be receiving messages from people, one of whom may just be your Mr or Ms Right.

The Connection Between Blogs and Dating

The Connection Between Blogs and Dating

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What do online dating and blogging have to do with each other? At first blush it may not seem like much, but dating blogs are becoming an increasingly popular feature on online dating websites. Blogs, or online journals, can be used to address dating issues to a wide audience, or just serve as a personal space for online dating clients to record their daily thoughts or ideas. The privacy settings that most dating blogs offer let also let people keep track of their dating history online, or keep friends up to date on the romance in their lives.
Dating blogs are among many of the new features that are being offered by online dating sites. Nowadays, Internet dating isn’t relegated only to messaging and browsing, but also allows people to create and customize their own profile pages. Dating blogs are just one aspect of this.
The topics people choose to discuss on their dating blogs range as widely as the many personalities found on each website. Some popular topics include dating advice, humour, dating etiquette, and single parenthood. One of the greatest advantages of the personal dating blog is its flexibility. Members can use their dating blog space to serve whatever purpose they want, whether they want to talk about very personal issues, or really topics that relate to everyone.
What sets dating blogs apart from regular blogs? Not much really, aside from the content of a blog, or its location. By nature blogs are extremely personal and flexible in terms of what people choose to write about. However, blogs found on online dating websites are usually written by people who want a space to talk about dating issues, and want to discuss things that they know others on the site will be interest in. Most of the blogs found on Internet dating sites will touch on issues related to love, romance, or dating.

The Real Unwritten Rules Of Online Dating – The Experts Tell

The Real Unwritten Rules Of Online Dating – The Experts Tell

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A recent survey indicated that over 40 million singles have used or are currently using online dating services. It’s a huge business that has ushered in a whole new era of dating with its own unique set of rules.
Of course you know about online dating safety and how to protect yourself from unwanted attention. But do you know the unwritten rules, the tips and tricks that will make your online dating experience much better?
Keep Your Expectations Low
It has been estimated that 96% of the people who use online dating services fail to find a compatible person with whom to have a dating relationship. Part of the reason for this, though, is that most people approach online matchmaking with unrealistic expectations. When they don’t find a perfect match after one or two dates they give up and try something else.
Despite what the advertising wants you to believe, your perfect match isn’t going to just fall out of the sky one day. It takes diligent searching, careful screening, and lots of dates to increase your chances of success. Keep your expectations low key; don’t set yourself up for failure by getting too excited when you see an interesting profile or meet an interesting person.
Don’t Respond Too Quickly
Most online dating services won’t tell you this because they make money from email messages between members, but don’t be too quick to answer when a message comes in. Many online dating experts suggest waiting 24 to 48 hours to respond, and also say never to respond on a weekend or holiday. Their reasoning is that when you respond too quickly it makes you appear desperate and also doesn’t allow you to pause and carefully compose an appropriate response.
Yes, it’s exciting when someone notices your profile and makes contact, but don’t let the excitement run away with you. Relax, take a deep breath, and if necessary refer back to the previous section on maintaining realistic expectations.
Keep It Light
When you answer an email, keep the tone light and friendly. Online messages are NOT an appropriate avenue for providing your entire life history or unloading about your past hurts and current emotional state. Don’t be shallow and flip, of course, but do be conservative with what you write. And, as always, don’t reveal personally identifiable information via online messages.
Don’t Drag Things Along
Once you have exchanged a few messages, it’s time to either meet in person or move on.
As a general rule of thumb, if more than three to five messages have been exchanged and you haven’t set up a date yet, then it’s time to say goodbye. Don’t allow yourself to be sucked into email communications that drag on for weeks or months at a time. Email is not a substitute for meeting and getting acquainted in person.
Tell The Truth
One of the great temptations of online personal ads is to embellish the truth about you. Whether it’s shaving a few years off your age, overstating your career achievements, or understating your body weight, remember that the truth will be revealed once you meet someone in person. It’s pointless to lie about such things and it undermines trust right from the start. As Mark Twain once said – “When in doubt, tell the truth.”

Matchmaking Pros And Cons-Read ThIs Advice Before Matchmaking

Matchmaking Pros And Cons-Read ThIs Advice Before Matchmaking

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There are many professional Matchmaking pros and cons, much like everything else in the world.
There are so many people in this world that it can be quite simple to meet someone, so from that point of view professional matchmaking may seem unnecessary. On the other hand, though, is that with so many people it can be difficult meeting the right person. This is where online dating or professional matchmaking come into play.

As I said, there are pros and cons with everything so if you are thinking about using a professional matchmaking service then you need to weight those pros and cons to see if it is the right choice for you. Professional matchmaking is not the only choice out there so just because you find it is not right for you does not mean there are not other methods you can try.

The pros of using an online professional matchmaking service.

1. Wide range of people. With professional matchmaking services you get access to people from all across the globe as they sign up for this service. This obviously gives you more reach than just the people in your home town, giving you a higher chance of meeting that special someone.

2. You can look over the people you meet. With professional matchmaking services there are always profiles you can look over to get a brief idea of what that person is like. From there you can choose to make contact and get to know them slowly through the safety of the internet.

The Cons of using online professional matchmaking services.

1. Distance. While Matchmaking pros and cons exist, a lot of them can be mitigated or simply may not apply to you. This one, however, can be quite the doozy. Meeting someone you like but are other sides of the planet can pose a significant problem if you ever plan on meeting up.

2. Can require you to pay. While this is not true for all services, for many of them you will be required to pay a fee. This can be a very big dark spot on an otherwise good looking service as we may not feel inclined to spend our hard earned cash on something that may or may not work. But it is up to you to decide if this is a con you are willing to live with.

Utilizing professional matchmaking services is only one of the many tools at your disposal. So if the Matchmaking pros and cons do not weigh in your favor, you can always look elsewhere. Whether it be online or local services, or if you simply choose to go it alone.

One thing you should always keep in mind, though, is that not all services are the same. So a con for one service may not apply to another. If the prospect of getting professional help in your search for a soul mate appeals to you, then do not give up after the first try as there is bound to be a service out there that you can use.

Internet Dating Services – Finding the Right One

Internet Dating Services – Finding the Right One

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The internet is one revolutionary tool in today’s world. Practically everything can be found in the internet, including internet dating services. The presence of these sites has changed the dating scene dramatically. Instead of hanging out in bars or clubs, more busy people use the computer. We’ve heard of many stories of couples finding love through the internet. But together with these success stories are horror stories of scams as well. With the many websites available, how can you find the right one?

Choosing the perfect website would all depend on your personal preference. Beforehand, make sure that you know what you want. With this in mind, you can narrow down your choices. For instance, if you want to engage in adult dating services, there are specific websites that cater to these clients. Or if you want to meet someone of like beliefs and faith, you can search for particular sites as well. Aside from these sites, you can also find Asian, Russian, gay and lesbian, Black, Jewish, Christian, single parents, and many others.

The database should have good search capabilities. Choose sites which allow you to make searches for a particular category, such as age, location, height, and others. This would save you a lot of time because you do not have to browse through every profile. These websites should also allow you to post comprehensive profiles, and maybe allow you to post a picture or two.

Choose websites which provide add-on services. These may include customer support that are available whether online or offline. There are also some sites which provide personality or profile matches among members. This makes it easier for you to find someone whom you can most likely relate to, and eventually date. Others provide newsletters and articles on dating tips and relationship advice. There are also forums or boards where you can post shout outs and exchange views with others.

While some websites are free of charge, others would require you to pay. The good thing about some sites is they allow you to test their services first before paying. Some sites can be more costly than others, so it is important that you know your options before signing up for any dating services provider.

Lastly, as you decide to meet, take all safety measures. Avoid giving out personal details like your real name or your workplace. This should only happen if you think that the other person is worthy of your trust. Meet in a public place, where it is safer and easier to seek for help, just in case things go wrong. Although there are no fixed rules in internet dating, trust your gut and use your common sense. Only you can decide if taking the relationship to the next level would be best.

Before you engage the services of internet dating services, be sure to know what you are looking for. This will make your search easier, as there are specific sites depending on what you want. Because of the wide variety of websites to choose from, you are sure to find one that would suit you best. But remember that these websites can only help you at a certain level. If you want to pursue a more serious, long lasting relationship, it would have to depend on you and your relationship skills.

The Leap of Faith into Christian Singles Dating

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For devout Christians, entering the dating scene can often be a confusing and sometimes unsettling experience.
Let’s face it, there are lots of things for the average dater to be concerned about when trying to find a suitable partner, but when it comes to Christian singles dating, matters can become even more complicated.

Despite being interested in establishing a long-term relationship with another like minded person, some Christians are afraid to barely even dip their toes into the dating pool. For some, the fear that “it can be a jungle out there” is a concern that paralyzes them, but that too common fear is more than likely largely unfounded.

While advances in technology such as online matchmaking services have made the dating experience more convenient and efficient for many people, when it comes to Christian singles dating, tradition cannot be overlooked as a factor in a single person’s attitudes toward meeting other like minded singles.

It can be difficult to put aside religious convictions when venturing out into the dating world, but in fact it isn’t at all necessary. For most devout Christians, finding a person of similar religious beliefs is important because so much of their makeup is based on the way they were raised or taught.

A strong religious foundation more than likely comes with a strong family presence and influence, so Christian singles dating other singles will likely find themselves having to satisfy their own attraction as well as satisfying their family’s expectations of who they choose in a mate. Of course, if dating another Christian single, those expectations are likely shared, or at the very least well understood.

Religious upbringing can be looked upon as both a positive and a negative when it comes to dating.

From the positive side, a person with a strong religious foundation is likely to be grounded and firm in how they approach the world and issues they face along the way. Their faith provides a strong base from which they’ve grown their values and morals. Christian singles dating programs certainly exist online as well as offline, and many single Christians choose to explore their dating options through the help of technology.

However, many Christians still rely on the old traditional ways to meet other singles. That means their local church and church groups may be their primary way of meeting other Christian singles.

Conversely, those who are uncompromising in their Christian beliefs can, at times, be considered uncompromising or inflexible. That means that they may be considered too picky by some who don’t understand just how important their religious beliefs are in establishing the person who they’ve become.

In a nutshell, Christian singles dating options may be narrower than the general dating population, but that doesn’t mean the quality of dating prospect is any less. In fact, Christian singles dating within their own set of beliefs may find that their relationships have a richness that others don’t have the pleasure of experiencing.

The Search for the Best Online Dating Service-Criterias for you to Consider

The Search for the Best Online Dating Service—Criterias for you to Consider

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Welcome to the newest and easiest matchmaking phenomenon of this era—the online dating!

The online dating service is the newest and the easiest way of meeting new individuals from different places for various purposes—whether for dating men and women, friendship, business partners, or partners in life. You do not need to waste your precious time sorting out your phone directory or joining different dating games in television just to find that dream date of yours or look for new friends to talk to and to be with. Simply latch on to the Internet, sit back right in front of your computer, and start browsing profiles of different individuals.

Because of the sudden boost of popularity of online dating service, you will find out that there are now a plethora of them. Some would probably get confused as to what is the best online dating service that will cater to your purpose. It may also make you give up (if you do not have that enough patience) and return to the old traditional ways of meeting new people.

Internet dating, free online dating, Internet singles dating, and dating personals. These are just few of the possible variations of online dating services.

Take note: These are just few of the possible variations. In other words, there are still many of them and expect that the network will grow as the time pass by.

Still scratching your head and wondering the best online dating service for you? Please read on the rest of this article and use the criteria that will be discussed to find that best online dating service that will help you find the personalities you are looking for.

Think about your Expenses

Remember that not all online dating services are free. Sometimes, online dating services that offer membership fees provide the best dating service to its members. If you will prefer dating services that require membership fees, always think of the expenses you might incur. Determine if you are willing to spend for such service and that you can pay your membership dues on time. If you think that you cannot afford to avail of the services of paid online dating services, you might consider free online dating services.

Always Seek for Invaluable Recommendations

If this is your first time to go dating online, it is wise to ask for some recommendations from your friends or relatives who have already tried different online dating services. You may be able to come up with incredible ideas out of their recommendations.

Do some Research

Since you are dealing with online dating services, why don’t you use the Internet to search for the best dating services? You may use major search engines to locate them. In addition, you may also base your search on your own interests. There are various online dating services that cater to specific needs such as sexual preferences, religion, inter- or intra-racial affiliations, and others.

Features of the Best Online Dating Service

To guide you further on your selection, here are some of the features you can consider when choosing for the best online dating service:

• Privacy- some of your personal details will not be divulged to other members of a particular online dating service for security purposes. You may check their privacy terms for additional information about this feature.
• Messaging and chat service- this feature enables you to send instant messages to individuals of the same interests as yours without divulging your email address and other important personal details.
• Statistical reports- this feature enables you to track down the individuals who have sent you messages, viewed your personal profile, or bookmarked your personal page.
• Local dating match- if you want to find matches within your locality, this feature should be included in your criteria for the best online dating service. You do not have to travel abroad or on other parts of the country just to meet and know your match personally.

Grab a Free Trial

Paid online dating services also offer free trial of their services. You may take the advantage of trying their services and see if it they can actually help you in your quest for some perfect date match. Furthermore, this will also give you an idea of the potential mates that you want to meet before signing on to any dating service.

Always find the best and the right online dating service and start filling your dull love life with lively colors!

Guide To Writing Your Profile For An Online Dating Website

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Registering on an online dating website is only the first step in the process of finding true love online. The next and possibly the most important step in the process is to write up your profile.

Are you sure about how to put together a profile for the dating website that will attract people to your profile? Are you aware of what you should write about and what is worth leaving out? This guide to writing your profile for a fellowship site will give you a good push in the right direction.

The first question that you need to ask yourself is this: Why are you writing your personal dating website profile?

Tackling your profile for one of these sites can be challenging if you do not know what you are looking for when it comes to dating online. The foremost important concept is to be clear about why you are writing a personal profile for a date in the first place.

Are you writing dating profile for fun and pleasure? Are you looking to lure just potential dates? Or are you trying to catch a potential suitor so that you can be married? This may sound cold and scheming but it’s important.

The reason why you are creating an online profile in the first place is the first detail that should determine how you write your profile. If you want your profile to be interesting and inviting, then you need to be able to attract the people who are a good match for you.

When you have decided to finally bite the bullet and write your online dating website profile, you should hold back the need to feel embarrassed and simply pour your heart out into the perfect profile. If you want people to become enamored by you, you should be frank, honest and upfront. Don’t include a lot of irrelevant details, but do make a point to talk about yourself in enough details that likeminded people on the same online dating website will be intrigued by you and want to learn more information.

Writing the perfect online dating website profile begins with taking an inventory of what makes you unique and interesting. Everyone is one of a kind, but it is hard to show people what makes you one of a kind unless you can create a profile that shows why.

What makes you unique? What makes you tick? Why are you different from everyone else on the internet, or everyone else in the world? Describe everything you find important, like your ambitions, your dreams, your desires and your attitudes. Talk about your most important likes and dislikes, turn ons and turnoffs (not necessarily in bed), and any other details you can think of in order to give an accurate picture of who you are and what you’re all about.

This is the best way to create an online dating website profile that will attract people to you and give you a variety of interesting new people to talk to online.

Senior Singles Dating How To Play The Online Dating Game

Senior Singles Dating How To Play The Online Dating Game

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Senior singles dating is not exactly new, but it is novel.
The growing number of baby boomers who find themselves single after the death of a spouse or divorce has caused a growth in the market for older matchmaking. Online dating sites have grown dramatically in this segment of the population. So what is behind senior singles dating?

The online dating industry is perfect for these technologically savvy individuals who want love or companionship. They may be too busy with high level responsible jobs to actively seek out dates in the traditional manner. They also may feel that they are too old to hang out at bars or other pick up zones.

Some senior singles dating sites have more than 600,000 profiles from people 50 and over who are seeking love. By going onto the site, you are able to look at profiles and pictures of people who are also looking for a match.

The first thing you have to do is find a site that fits your style. This may take a little bit of research because there are literally hundreds out there. Once you find a site you like, you will probably want to join as a free or trial member.

At that point you can take a look around. You can use the search function to see who is available. You may even be able to build a profile of your own and upload pictures.

But, until you pay the senior singles dating site fee, you will not be able to contact people who interest you. So, once you feel comfortable on a site and have found some people who interest you, you should upgrade to full membership.

At that point, you can begin contacting some of the people who have caught your eye. You’ll be able to search by age, location, number of children, pets, religion, income, and a host of other factors depending on the site.

If the person you contacted likes you, they will probably check out your profile (that’s why it’s so important to develop a good profile). Their next step is to reply to your email.

You will probably exchange a few emails. If things go well, a phone conversation might be in order. After a few phone calls, you may want to arrange for a date.

Keep the first date short so that neither of you will feel embarrassed if you don’t feel a spark. Meet in a public place like a café for a cup of coffee. Plan to arrive and depart separately. Then, if things don’t go as well as you planned, you have only lost an hour or so.

Mature adults getting together for companionship and romance is a trend that is growing. To take part, join a senior singles dating site today.