The Best Dates Are Online

The Best Dates Are Online

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Blind dates never or seldom works. The club isn’t thriving with a healthy dose of good-looking, guys and gals. A friend’s friend was a major turn-off. Well, you just might want to check out online dating—the hottest, and probably one of the best ways to meet people, check out potential lovers, and build relationships, minus all the hassles of traditional dating.

Say goodbye to dressing up and looking presentable. You can check out a potential date in your PJs or worn-out jeans. No need for special invitations to parties or night gimmicks. It’s easy to access. From its growing number of subscribers and users, one can choose from many “singles” in just one site.

It beats the people you meet in all the bars and cafes and night spots you normally go to. What’s more, there’s no worry about being turned down by some uninterested guy or girl. In online dating, you’re all looking, available, and interested.

The best online dating sites offer you broad and extensive services – from searchable profiles to matchmaking and compatibility tests to chatting. Personal ads allow the member to enter his profile and search other users’ profiles. They also do the matchmaking for you, based on your preferences and standards. The results are emailed back and you have the freedom to choose the person you would like to contact. Chat rooms and forums provide a venue for the members to interact with each other.

Here are six of the best online dating sites you can check out on a lonely Friday night.

Match.Com. Known for their “winks”, it is the biggest network of online dating. Members can check out profiles of other users and send “winks” to signify interest. For those looking for compatibility, this is the perfect site to go to. Whether you’re looking for a one-time affair or a long-term relationship, YahooPersonals finds you a compatible partner based on individual choice and quality matches. If you’re ready to settle down, or just the type with high standards, eHarmony solves the problem for you by giving you a thoroughly screened match. Complete their Personality Profile and get feedback on yourself and on how you connect with others. Think: they’re screening your future partner for you. Still wary of online dating? Worry no more. offers a foray into the world of online dating. They offer background checks for criminal records and marital relationships, and boosts of a compatibility profile that measures important relationship factors. Imagine yourself personalizing your date. Choose a match based on their looks, hobbies, location, age, interests, religion, and even, income here in

America’s Internet Dating allows its members to join in any of its three unique dating environments. There’s a choice for those looking for casual dates and encounters, for those looking for serious relationships, and for those wanting to get intimate.

Some of the best online dating sites even allow voice greetings for some of that personal touch.

Users cannot just only access your photos; they can also hear your sultry, bedroom voice. There’s also instant messaging service for those who can’t wait for an email response. There are also advanced search tools that allow you to check out potential dates in a specific area or do the matchmaking for you.

The trick? Know why you need a date for. Are you looking for a good time? Or are you searching for the “love of your life”? With the myriad of online dating sites, there’s definitely something out there which best fits your need.